Written in Stone

This is an internet archive of sorts and a memorial to a good friend and fellow teacher at Thomaston Grammar School in Thomaston, Maine who died suddenly this past summer (2014). Dan Allan taught history in the schools of MSAD 50 and later RSU 13. I had the pleasure of working with him and of sharing a love of history. We had a lot of fun talking, comparing stories and working on joint projects.

Allan Daniel

If you click on the title above you will be connected to a history and technology project that we worked together on during 2008-9. The 6th grade class researched each stone in the Thomaston timeline and wrote a short piece about that event. Then they each made a page on the Written in Stone website that was posted on the old MSAD 50 website. It was an organizational nightmare. Some of the subject stones were difficult to find any information on at all. The kids worked very hard, and so did Dan and I. When it was done we had something we could all be proud of.

Since it is no longer available online at the school district, I am uploading it here in memory of my friend and colleague Dan Allan. Rest in peace, Dan.