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Two Lights in the early 1970’s, a photograph by David Higgins.

Maine History

Colonial Era

Casco during King Philips War*
Churchill's European Discovery
Churchill's Beachhead
Doleful Slaughter at Black Point Part 1
and Part 2
Father Rale -18th Century Tragedy
George Burroughs, Witch*
Frye at Fort William Henry*
John Alden & Cushnoc*
Lovewell's Fight*
Maine's First Ship
Mogg & Jocelyn at Black Point*
Popham, Popham
& another Popham Colony*
Ste. Croix 1604-2004

American Revolution

Arnold’s March to Quebec
Capture of the Margaretta
Burning of Falmouth
Peleg Wadsworth's Great Escape*
Penobscot Expedition Narratives
Privateers of the Revolution
The York Tea Party*

War of 1812

Boxer & the Enterprise*
The Privateer Hyder Ally*

Early 19th Century

Aroostook: The early years
Aroostook War

Atticus: Fugitive Slave*
Eighteen Hundred & Froze to Death
Flags in Madawaska
Jeff Davis Visits*
Maine Becomes a State
Isaac Hull & Kittery Navy Yard

Civil War

Civil War Page (Maine Archives)
Archives: Primary Sources
1st Maine Cav at Brandy Station*
First Maine Heavy Artillery
11th Maine
13th Maine *
16th Maine at Fredericksburg*
20th Maine Regiment
Maine Civil War Regiments
Maine Medal of Honor Recipients

Regimental Histories - Links
Two Right Arms*

Later 19th Century

NE Logging History
Portland Great Fire of 1866
Destruction of USS Maine,
USS Maine Memorial

World War I

Vanceboro Bridge Explosion*
William Frye & Hattie Dunn*

World War II

U-Boat Hunt
HazeGray Shipbuilding
Maine Gave Many

Maine Potato Incident

German POW Camps , Houlton, Seboomook

20th Century

The Week Maine Burned
Maine Fire 1 & 2
Greatest Submarine Rescue 1939
Northeast Historic Film
Maine's Lost Ski Slopes
Maine Radio History

Local Histories

Acadian Culture in Maine
Bangor History

Brunswick History Online

Google Books full text access to many state and town histories
Moosehead History
Skowhegan Community Project
Tater Act

Many old local histories can be found on Google Books

Miscellaneous & General
Bath Iron Works
Maine French Communities

Google Books full text access to many state and town histories
Great Seal of the State of Maine
Home: The story of Maine
Historic USGS Maps of Maine
Maine Firsts Throughout History
Maine Wilderness Transformed
Maine Winters*
Mawooshen Research
Maine Archaeology Society
Vintage Maine Images

World Atlas: Maine

Maine Forts

Maine Forts
Old Fort Western
Colonial Pemaquid
Fort Williams

Finder for Edgecomb, Halifax and other State Parks - Historic Sites

Links in italics* are  Maine Story pages

Maine Native Americans

Abenaki History

Androscoggin Valley Indians

Androscoggin Biographies

Houlton Band of the Maliseets

Kennebec Indians

Maine Indian Landclaims

Micmac History

MicMac Dictionary

Native Tech (Native life)


Norumbega - Davistown


Penobscot: A People & Their River

Red Paint People

UMO/Hudson Museum  Native Voices

Abenaki Timeline

Try using one of these more general Native American sites to look up Abenaki, Wabanaki or Maine tribes like Penobscot, Passamaquoddy and Micmac, etc.

Native American Languages: Facts for Kids - also links to an entry index. This is a great site with lots of cultural information!
Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of each page. Native Languages is more than a kid's site.

Maine Government Sites

Maine State Government Web Site

Maine Constitution

Maine Cities Online

Maine Association of School Libraries

Maine Bureau of Parks & Lands

Maine Department of Education

Maine Department of Marine Resources

Maine State Archive

Maine State Library

Secretary of State's Maine Kid's Page