Maine Foodways

Foodway is the term used to describe the ideas and customs surrounding food. It refers to the way a culture thinks about and prepares their food in an informal manner.

Are you interested in the history of food, it's preparation and the general culture of cooking? Check out the links below and explore traditional Maine foodways.

Basic Foodway Links

Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project

Food History News - Sandra Oliver's newsletter site
Be sure to check out Oliver's definitive book Saltwater Foodways

Food Timeline - Lynne Oliver's clickable general food history timeline.

Maine Folklife Center: Foodways Research

Acadian Culture in Maine: Foods

What's Cooking, America? - Linda Stradley's food history and recipe site  Just look up your favorite food.
Some pages like "Chowder" are pretty good-

Maine Specialties

Bakewell Cream (powdered leavening) made in Bangor and famous for biscuits the manufacturer's site

Baked Beans- B&M Baked Beans -
MOFGA / Common Ground - Bean Hole Beans -

Lumberman’s Legacy- Beanhole Beans from the Fisherman’s Voice

Canning: A Maine Industry - an exhibit slide show by Andrew Patrick at
or Early Fish Canneries in Brooklin by Jane Hooper

Classic New England Recipes - Yankee Magazine    or search their recipes and get 79 bean recipes - some decidedly not regional like Mississippi Chile

Take a look at the variety of chowder recipes-
If you can find it, a few years ago Yankee had a great comparative article on chowder styles from around New England. Apparently it is not available on the internet so look for an old print copy

Donuts may not have actually been invented in Maine - but maybe the hole was. Check this story out!
The History of the Donut
From an old newspaper account-

Gulf of Maine Aquarium: How to Eat Lobster - there are a billion of these sites out there but the GMA isn't making a living selling lobsters

Hot Dogs - yep, but only the nuclear red kind!

Italian Sandwiches: (But don't believe that picture!!!)
In search of ... The definition of Italian by Andy King - Portland Phoenix
or the Amato's Sandwich Shops site

Pilot Crackers- Read how Nabisco keeps trying to deep 6 a necessary Maine food staple and the efforts to set them right by a Maine island!

Whoopie Pies
Labadie's Bakery -the (reported) home of the original whoopie pie -
Linda Stradley's take on whoopie pies -

Government & Other Official Sites

Maine Dept. of Agriculture marketing page -

Maine Lobster Promo Council

Maine Pomological Society

Maine Potato Board


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