Wedding Mementos

When my youngest son and his beloved were married last May we ended up with a lot of the flowers after the wedding. They were beautiful and it was nice to have them. I saved and dried the roses from my granddaughter’s bridesmaid bouquet. I also saved all the ribbons.

When Christmas rolled around I thought I’d make my daughter in law and her mother little sachets as mementos. I had some ivory silk blend in a DK weight that I had bought from the back room remnant baskets at the old Pinetree Yarn in Damariscotta that would do nicely, I thought, for a little lace bag.

Well, that was the plan anyway. Lace isn’t exactly my thing- I get lost in the rows. So it came down to this. A simple little bag with a purl heart on a knit ground, an eyelet drawstring row and a cable bind off. 

It’s a freeform, make-it-up as you go along pattern. Cast on 38 stitches and work a couple purl rows (or seed stitch rows) in the round. Knit four more rows and then follow this chart at left srepeating twice in the round

so that there is a heart on each side. 

Knit 4 more rows, then purl one row and knit one row. Now it is time for the eyelet row that you will thread the ribbon through to close the bag.

*K1, K2TOG, YO, K3, K2TOG, YO, K3, YO, K2TOG, K3, YO, K2TOG, K1* across one side of the bag then repeat for the other side.

Knit one row and purl one row for the top of the gathers.

Next knit 4 rows and you are ready to bind off using a cable bind off which gives a nice little saw tooth edge.

Cast onto the left needle two successive stitches using the cable cast on. Then knit the last cable cast on stitch and sliding it onto the right hand needle. Knit the first cable cast on stitch and slide onto the right needle. Pass the first stitch on the right needle over the second  stitch like a regular BO. Knit the next 3 stitches binding them off one at a time as usual before knitting the next. Then cast on two stitches as before using the cable cast on. Knit the first stitch and pass the remaining stitch on the left needle over this new stitch, then knit the second cable cast on and pass the stitch on the right needle over it. I thought this sounded like a tangle but it works and produces a fancy little pointed edging.

Break off your yarn, run the end through the last stitch and into the first stitch at the beginning of the round to close the top edge.

Stitch up the bottom opening and thread some ribbon through the eyelets. The only thing that remains is to fill the bag with dried roses that have been scented with a little rose oil. Snug the opening closed with the ribbon and tie a pretty bow.

Well, this worked out quite well as a little gift and was easy and quick to do. So I thought I’d make another gift using some red sock yarn for Valentine’s Day. The yarn would make a slightly smaller bag. No matter. No gauge.

In order to make a smoother bottom to the bag and to practice casting on for a toe-up sock, I used a Turkish cast on of 19 wraps and then knit around the needles for two rounds. This closes the bottom. Then knit a 3-4 rows of 1X1 seed stitch and proceed as above.


As you can see, Calpurrnia was very helpful during the photo shoot. This was taken just before she made off with the bag!

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