Pillbox Toque

I was looking for a good project for the two skeins of Wisdom Poem yarn I bought a few years ago at SPA in Freeport. Its a 100% wool roving yarn- very thick and warm looking though it is only a worsted weight. The problem was that there were only 109 yards per skein so a hat seemed a good choice.

I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, but something between the standard toque and a pillbox. A toque or tuque is what people in Quebec call your ordinary beanie or skullcap. Its origins go back to the 13th century. A toque is somewhat pointy and I wanted more of a squared off hat at the top. So this is what I came up with.

Using a size 6 circular needle I came up with a guage of about 6 stitches per inch. I CO 120 stitches and joined them in the round. Then I knit 4 rows to create a roll. Then comes the rib:

R1 & 2 *k2, p2*

R3 & 4 *p2, k2*

R5 & 6 *k2, p2*

R7 knit all

R8 purl all

Now for the cables:

R1-4 *K4,P2*

R5 *C2F, P2*

Repeat the cable sequence 4 times then repeat R1-4 one time.

Next, the edge of the sides and the fold inward for the flat-ish top:

knit one row and purl two rows.

Your knitted piece should now be 5” - I don’t think this is necessarily a precise measurement but close would be good. Otherwise you may want to adjust the number of cable repeats. Also at this point you should try it on. I have a fat head so if you have not knitted the cables too tightly there should be a suitable amount of ease for a medium to large hat here.

Now for the top decreases. Switch to double point needles when needed.

R1  *k18, k2tog, place marker*

R2 knit all

R3 *k16, k2tog, SM*

R4 knit all

and so on until 12 stitches remain k2tog for this round and the next

Three stitches will remain.

Knit the 3 stitches as an icord for about 2 inches and bind off. Tie this tail in a knot.

The yarn striping works well and I have received many compliments. You might want to try a plain or tweed yarn to show off the cables.

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