About Us

Pemaquid Coop, a photograph by David HigginsSomewhere back in the last century (mid 1990's) I began publishing Mrs. Higgins Maine Studies Links for my middle school students. Then Dave and I began ImagineMaine.com which was active between June 2000 and 2012. We intended a collaboration of artwork and Maine stuff including a little writing and some recipes. Pretty quickly we realized that we needed separate websites and so Dave posts most of his painting and photography on D-Higgins.com. Imagine Maine became my site and mirrors my interests and little obsessions.. That said the site required a new name- MaineStory.

Two houskeeping matters need to be addressed:

First, I increasingly find that Maine Stories are being copyed and posted around the internet. Sometimes credit is given to me or to this site. If you use my work as a source or for a simple quote just give a simple citation or link. That would be nice. Sometimes I find that my story is copied in a somewhat changed or abbreviated form (but copied none the less) and other times the whole thing is just posted on another site. This is a violation of COPYRIGHT! Please do not do this. If you have a question about this or want to use my work in some way, get in touch with me, but be aware up front that I never give permission to anyone to reproduce a whole work. Thank you.

The link pages found on this site are designed purely to help people find information sites on Maine. They are not intended to advertise or promote products. Sometimes a merchant site also provides substantive or little known information on a Maine topic, and I include it on my pages. BUT I try not to link to sites that are largely merchandiing sites no matter how Maine-ly the products. That said, I'm always interested in a good site to include in the links.